What is School Of Nature?

Nature is science, nature is art, nature is engineering, everything we know comes from nature. Nature is the original teacher and school. Yet we are living lives that are completely disconnected from nature.

Current education systems are further alienating us from the natural world. School of Nature is an attempt to remind us of our critical bond with nature, to bring nature back into our lives. We can begin by simply planting a tree or taking care of the soil around us, managing and reducing our waste, or conserving water. At the School of Nature, we want to explore all the ways we can reconnect with nature and learn from nature.

Our Geographic Area Of Work

We are situated in a village in Muzaffarnagar district of Uttar Pradesh. The town is called Miranpur (pronounced as meerapur). It is steeped in history of the Sayyids who came to India in the 10th century, much before Mughals, and chose to settle down in the fertile doaba region of present day Muzaffarnagar. Our work is spread across the villages in the Muzaffarnagar and Meerut districts.